05 April, 2014

10 Reasons To Buy Carnation's 24*7 Roadside Assistance Package

Whether you are driving on the city roads or on the highway, you never know when you get a flat tyre or run out of fuel and battery. To avoid the insecurities associated with the general car breakdown, it’s advisable to take up a reputed roadside assistance service. This is how; you ensure a hassle free driving experience.  A good car breakdown service provider not only helps you out in the time of need but also gives you a total peace of mind while driving. Carnation Assistance for Roadside Emergencies or CARE is one of the India’s best roadside assistance services. Let’s look at its benefits. 

Top 10 Benefits of Carnation's 24*7 Roadside Assistance Service

1. All India Service: Almost every part of India except the islands and J&K are covered in Carnation’s 24*7 Roadside Assistance Service. You are just a call away for car breakdown service like towing, battery jumpstart, fuel delivery, replacement keys, cab assistance etc. Dial Carnation emergency helpline number 1800 102 4400 to get instant service.  

2.Accidental Assistance: Carnation 24*7 roadside assistance services not only help towing your car to the nearest workshop in case of mishap but also provide medical services if required. 

3.General Breakdown: Our roadside assistance team will help you out in fixing any type of car related problem like flat tyre, lost keys, starting issues etc. 

4.Towing: Carnation Car Breakdown service provides free towing up to 30 kms if you buy its GOLD package. 

5.Medical Help: CARE (Carnation Assistance for Roadside Emergencies) takes care of your entire requirement in case of trouble. There are dedicated teams who will arrange medical help if required in case of emergency. 

6.Cab Arrangement: In case your car is admitted in the nearby workshop, Carnation’s breakdown team will also arrange cab for you. 

7.Legal Advice: Get legal advice from experts in case of crisis with Carnation’s 24*7 roadside assistance service. 

8.Accommodation:  Carnation’s Roadside Assistance will also provide accommodation if required. 

9.Multi-lingual Call Centre: Carnation’s call centre executives can speak 12 different Indian languages.

10.World Class Service Stations: CARE is backed by Carnation's 14 world class car service & repair stations, spread across 16 cities in India. Carnation has tie-ups with exclusive Authorized car service garages, in cities where Carnation car service centers are not present, to ensure help for you and your car. 

Carnation Offers Multiple package options so you can choose the best package to suit your requirements. BUY NOW  

01 April, 2014

Amazing Car Servicing Summer Deals!

Carnation Auto is one of the largest car servicing networks in India. Multi-brand car servicing is the company’s forte. Technicians are trained exclusively to repair all brands of car at Carnation workshops. World-class infrastructure and affordability makes Carnation, India’s most trusted car servicing network.

Carnation Auto believes in offering regular deals to its valued customers for making its customers happy and satisfied. There are no hidden costs and other complications associated with Carnation Deals. A hassle free customer experience is what Carnation seeks to deliver to its visitors. So, let’s look at some of the top offers, which will save your money and enhance your car’s performance simultaneously.

Top 3 Car Servicing Offers From Carnation Auto

Free AC Check Up: Regular Car Air conditioning check is important for ensuring pleasant and healthy climate inside your car. It’s advisable to do it before the arrival of the summer. Carnation is offering Free AC Check Up Camps till a limited time period. Interested in this offer?

Exclusive Paint Job Offer: Now Carnation customers can save 40% on paint job done. Priced at Rs. 2200/* per panel only, this package is surely one of the best and most affordable packages in the country. Want to give your car that most awaited look? 

Service Maintenance Contract (SMC): Save 50% on car servicing. How? At the price of one, you can now bring your car two times for car servicing. So, what are you waiting for? BOOK NOW 

For More Exciting Summer Deals, Click Here: Carnation Summer Offers

28 March, 2014

Car AC Service & Maintenance Tips: Is Your Car Ready To Face The Summer Heat?

The winters are gone now and we are again in the sweating zone. We will be sweating more if we don’t take necessary steps to check our car AC. Experts say, checking your car AC system before the arrival of summer is important for avoiding discomfort during the hot season.  

Most people usually realize the importance of car AC after they feel the uneasiness. Typically the temperature inside a parked car under sun touches 40°C or more hence proper maintenance and smooth functioning of your car A/C system becomes significant for healthy air and better cooling.

How Air Conditioning System Works?

The air conditioning system typically works by eliminating heat from the air inside your vehicle and transferring that heat to the outside atmosphere. When this heat & humidity is transferred, the indoors of your car becomes cooler & more cozy.

Key Components in the Car A/C System

Several key components such as condenser, evaporator, compressor, pressurized refrigerant, valves and hoses; all controlled electronically are responsible for removing heat from the air inside.

In order to make your car A/C system work properly in the hot weather conditions, the air conditioner needs to be free from leaks so that the refrigerant stays in the system. Leakage also exerts burden on car’s engine.

Refrigerant leaks through loose fittings and connections, worn seals and o-rings causes inadequate cooling hence checking your car A/C at the beginning of the summer season is highly recommended.

Carnation Auto workshops conduct Free A/C Performance Check to test for any leaks or contamination, worn hoses or seals as well as our skilled technicians make sure your vehicle is completely ready to face the summers.

So, what are you waiting for?

                                                For Free AC Check Up
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