30 December, 2011

Bollywood's Love Affairs With Speed Devils (Part II)

Gasp…gasp! Hang on guys, I am just trying to catch my breath. What with all the fast cars and their good looking owners, I am ready to lose my religion!

Lexus 470

I am finding it really difficult to figure out, who is the better looking - the beamer or the owner. Take the case of Saif Ali Khan. He is a hunk for sure and his love for sleek, mean machines is an open secret. You can’t really hide beamers like BMW 7 series, Range Rover, Land Cruiser, Lexus GX 470 (SUV), Mercedes, and a Mustang!! I think he takes his title the “Nawab of Patiala” a little too seriously. Just one question for you Saif - where and when do you get to drive these cars, especially the Mustang?

Ford Mustang

Not far behind Saif is Akshay Kumar - the original Khiladi Kumar (yeah I know it’s jaded, but I couldn’t resist!). So, my page3cars friends, Mr. Kumar loves speed, he thrives on thrills, and is always game for adventure. He also loves his wife, Twinkle Khanna, enough to give her a car worth over 3 crores. Yes, he was recently in news for gifting wifey dear a Bentley. Am I jealous of Twinkle Khanna? You bet I am…but not because she has a Bentley… rather for the fact that she has such a loving and giving husband! :-)

Akshay Kumar

I do believe I need to refuel now. Catch up with me in a couple of days when I peek into the garages of Bollywood beauties like Bips and Kareena and Katrina.

Compact SUVs - The New Car Selling Trend In India?

I don’t think it will be incorrect to suggest that all car manufacturers are banking on compact SUVs (Sports Utility Vehicle) to be the next trend setter in India.

Audi Q3 SUV

If you are visiting the Auto Expo in Delhi, you can expect SUVs to be omnipresent. Some of the biggest and best car brands like Mercedes, Audi, Chevrolet, and Toyota will be in the running to grab, not just eyeballs, but also tug at the purse strings of the affluent urban Indian customer.

Ford EcoSport SUV

I am especially excited to check out the Audi Q3 Mini, Mercedes M-Class, Renault Duster, and Ford EcoSport. Of course, most of these car brands don’t have a proper service and spares network, but that hasn’t deterred us from spending mega bucks to buy them.

Merc M Class

Indian car makers are also going to make a bold statement in the form of Tata’s new upgraded Safari, Mahindra Ssangyong’s Rexton & Korando, Force Motor’s Force One, Maruti’s concept SUV, and Hyundai’s HND-7 Concept SUV (yes, the name’s kind of weird!)

Today’s SUVs are more efficient and are an apt companion for long-distance driving, making that one of the more prominent reasons for the fantastic growth rate in this specific car segment. Renault Duster

I do believe that with companies pricing these vehicles aggressively, there is a lot of choice for buyers like you and me looking to upgrade their car.

23 December, 2011

Bollywood's Love Affairs With Speed Devils (Part I)

Do you know which Bollywood actor owns a Maserati? Or who owns a Bentley Continental? Which car brand and model are the most commonly seen in the Bollywood fraternity? Or which actor has named their Beetle, Brad?


Bollywood personalities love to show off. Whether it is their bodies, or their beamers. For them it’s the case of ‘the pricer the better.’ There’s no stopping them from buying their dream cars, and the small matter of a big tag can’t dissuade them from picking up their favorite ride.

RR Phantom

Maserati, the Italian speed monster, is a well loved addition to Ajay Devgn’s fleet of flashy cars that also include Ferrari, Mercedes, and a Land Cruiser. Then there is Mr. Perfectionist, Aamir Khan. He is as passionate about the beamers he buys, as he is about the movies he acts in. Rolls Royce Phantom, BMW Series 6, Land Rover Range Rover and Bentley Continental are just some of the fancy cars in Aamir’s garage.

Big B is not far behind either. He also owns some of the most expensive cars like the RR Ghost Phantom, Bentley, and BMW among others.

All this talk of the fancy cars is making me faint! So once I recover from this onslaught, I am going to write another post about the cars that Celebs like Saif Ali Khan, John Abraham, and the Babes own and love.

21 December, 2011

Curtain Raiser For Delhi Auto Expo 2012

Making the choice about which car to buy is always tough. With so many options available nowadays, and many more expected in 2012, the choice is only going to get tougher.

The 2012 Auto Expo to be held in Delhi from the 5th of January is already buzzing with the news that some of the best and most anticipated cars from across the world are either going to be launched or displayed here. Witnessing an unprecedented record participation from international automobile makers, including the likes of Jaguar Land Rover, Audi, BMW, and Mercedes, that are expected to strengthen their presence on the Indian roads with an impressive lineup of cars.

Then there are national automobile giants like Mahindra, Tata, and Maruti that are pitching in to give serious competition to international brands with their range of new and revamped cars in various segments like hatchbacks, SUVs, MPVs, Sedans, and small cars.

To be held at Pragati Maidan, the Delhi Auto Expo will see 18 auto makers going all out to display and launch a combined count of 60 different vehicles. With more than 2 million people expected to visit the expo, the hype can simply not be enough!

Some of the show-stoppers at this annual car event include Bugatti Veyron, Mini Cooper, BMW Mini cars, Mercedes B-Class hatchbacks, Maruti’s small cars, and Jaguar’s concept sports car models - the CX-16 and the DC100, Audi Q3, Tata Indica Vista Electric, Chevy Orlando, and Mahindra Mini Xylo amongst many others.

So like I said, if you are planning to buy a car in 2012, visit the Auto Expo, whichever part of the world you maybe in and revel in the beautiful sights that will behold you. After all, choosing a ride for yourself can never be easy and needs to reflect your personality and style!

17 December, 2011

The most pointless exercise on the planet has got to be this four-wheel-drive, thousand-horsepower Bugatti.

 - Gordon Murray (designer of McLaren F1 car)

Auto Expo India 2012 - Peekaboo!

The countdown to Auto Expo 2012 has begun…

If you are a car lover, you have to be in Delhi on 7th Jan 2012. That’s the day when the largest auto expo in India will start and that’s the day when 60 vehicles will be launched in the country. Many of the vehicles being launched will also be making their international debut in the world of automobiles.

The 11th Auto Expo India will be the launching pad for several internationally well-known models like the Bugatti Veyron, which has the reputation of being the ‘fastest’ car in the world with a top speed of 268mph or 431km/hr!! Priced at an incredible Rs. 15 Crores, the Bugatti is also the most expensive car in the world!

This mean looking machine has won the ‘Car of the Decade’ award from BBC Top Gear in 2010.

In my next post, I am going to be covering some other exciting cars that everyone is looking forward to like the Mini Cooper, the small-sized Maruti cars and several more!

15 December, 2011

A Topless Car For Indian Roads!

Convertibles are HOT!! And if they are red in color, the hotness quotient just shoots up mega fold! There is something about topless cars that makes them so desirable. So far, the only convertibles you, me or anyone else may have seen, or had the opportunity to drive on Indian roads, have been of the foreign variety. But all that’s about to change if San Motors India Ltd is to be believed, as they have introduced India’s very own convertible, the San Storm.

Front View San Storm

The two-seater San Storm is a sports car that was first introduced on Indian roads in 1998. Designed by Le Mans Group, a French company, the convertible has a fiberglass body and tubular steel chassis. Fairly lightweight, the San Storm is powered by a peppy 1149 cc Renault D7F engine that gives a decent top speed of 89mph or 140km/h. It can hit 100km/h in just over 14 seconds. Not nearly as responsive as a sports car should be nah!

San Storm Rear View

Currently, the San Storm is sold only in Goa. But that’s about to change as San Moors are in the process of setting up showrooms across India. Priced between 6-7 lacs, the SS is an affordable convertible. And in my opinion, the real success of the vehicle will depend on the service the manufacturer manages to provide.

Today’s  convertibles are a vast improvement over the ones from yesteryears. How the San Storm matches up to the demands of the new age drivers remains to be seen. But I believe the attempt itself holds plenty of merit and whatever the verdict, at least we all can say (repeat after me) “Even Indians make convertibles now!!

14 December, 2011

All Geared Up. . .Ready For The Ride!

OK, I have a confession to make. I am new to the blogosphere. But I have an opinion about everything (notice I said everything and NOT everyone!). I am opinionated about cars, cars, and cars. So if you are a car devotee like me, you are gonna love this ride!

What do I like about cars? Everything!!

They are fast. They are colorful. They have amazing features and voluptuous curves. They are cute. They are mean. They are just like women…coveted, desired, drooled at, and always on the mind. Cars are simply irresistible! 

Animated Red CarYou love them, you want them,  and you hate the people who own them!

I am all geared up to enjoy this ride and I know it’s going to be fun. After all, the conditions of the Indian roads guarantee that! So if anyone of you does happen to stop by my blog onwards in your journey in blogosphere, do make the time to share your ideas, thoughts, comments, and even car trivia with me. I do look forward to getting to know you.

I create feelings in others that they themselves don’t understand.

I create feelings in others that they themselves don’t understand.
Lightning McQueen; Cars (2006)