30 December, 2011

Bollywood's Love Affairs With Speed Devils (Part II)

Gasp…gasp! Hang on guys, I am just trying to catch my breath. What with all the fast cars and their good looking owners, I am ready to lose my religion!

Lexus 470

I am finding it really difficult to figure out, who is the better looking - the beamer or the owner. Take the case of Saif Ali Khan. He is a hunk for sure and his love for sleek, mean machines is an open secret. You can’t really hide beamers like BMW 7 series, Range Rover, Land Cruiser, Lexus GX 470 (SUV), Mercedes, and a Mustang!! I think he takes his title the “Nawab of Patiala” a little too seriously. Just one question for you Saif - where and when do you get to drive these cars, especially the Mustang?

Ford Mustang

Not far behind Saif is Akshay Kumar - the original Khiladi Kumar (yeah I know it’s jaded, but I couldn’t resist!). So, my page3cars friends, Mr. Kumar loves speed, he thrives on thrills, and is always game for adventure. He also loves his wife, Twinkle Khanna, enough to give her a car worth over 3 crores. Yes, he was recently in news for gifting wifey dear a Bentley. Am I jealous of Twinkle Khanna? You bet I am…but not because she has a Bentley… rather for the fact that she has such a loving and giving husband! :-)

Akshay Kumar

I do believe I need to refuel now. Catch up with me in a couple of days when I peek into the garages of Bollywood beauties like Bips and Kareena and Katrina.


  1. You can add lot more names to this list, in recent Imran Khan hot himself a Ferrari California.

    1. Hi Bandhav,

      Yes, Irman Khan was in news for his latest acquisition - the Ferrari California. :-)

      Look forward to your list of Bollywood celebs and their latest hot cars.