30 December, 2011

Compact SUVs - The New Car Selling Trend In India?

I don’t think it will be incorrect to suggest that all car manufacturers are banking on compact SUVs (Sports Utility Vehicle) to be the next trend setter in India.

Audi Q3 SUV

If you are visiting the Auto Expo in Delhi, you can expect SUVs to be omnipresent. Some of the biggest and best car brands like Mercedes, Audi, Chevrolet, and Toyota will be in the running to grab, not just eyeballs, but also tug at the purse strings of the affluent urban Indian customer.

Ford EcoSport SUV

I am especially excited to check out the Audi Q3 Mini, Mercedes M-Class, Renault Duster, and Ford EcoSport. Of course, most of these car brands don’t have a proper service and spares network, but that hasn’t deterred us from spending mega bucks to buy them.

Merc M Class

Indian car makers are also going to make a bold statement in the form of Tata’s new upgraded Safari, Mahindra Ssangyong’s Rexton & Korando, Force Motor’s Force One, Maruti’s concept SUV, and Hyundai’s HND-7 Concept SUV (yes, the name’s kind of weird!)

Today’s SUVs are more efficient and are an apt companion for long-distance driving, making that one of the more prominent reasons for the fantastic growth rate in this specific car segment. Renault Duster

I do believe that with companies pricing these vehicles aggressively, there is a lot of choice for buyers like you and me looking to upgrade their car.

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