15 December, 2011

A Topless Car For Indian Roads!

Convertibles are HOT!! And if they are red in color, the hotness quotient just shoots up mega fold! There is something about topless cars that makes them so desirable. So far, the only convertibles you, me or anyone else may have seen, or had the opportunity to drive on Indian roads, have been of the foreign variety. But all that’s about to change if San Motors India Ltd is to be believed, as they have introduced India’s very own convertible, the San Storm.

Front View San Storm

The two-seater San Storm is a sports car that was first introduced on Indian roads in 1998. Designed by Le Mans Group, a French company, the convertible has a fiberglass body and tubular steel chassis. Fairly lightweight, the San Storm is powered by a peppy 1149 cc Renault D7F engine that gives a decent top speed of 89mph or 140km/h. It can hit 100km/h in just over 14 seconds. Not nearly as responsive as a sports car should be nah!

San Storm Rear View

Currently, the San Storm is sold only in Goa. But that’s about to change as San Moors are in the process of setting up showrooms across India. Priced between 6-7 lacs, the SS is an affordable convertible. And in my opinion, the real success of the vehicle will depend on the service the manufacturer manages to provide.

Today’s  convertibles are a vast improvement over the ones from yesteryears. How the San Storm matches up to the demands of the new age drivers remains to be seen. But I believe the attempt itself holds plenty of merit and whatever the verdict, at least we all can say (repeat after me) “Even Indians make convertibles now!!

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