25 April, 2012

Ford EcoSport - Indian Road Worthy or Just Hype?

Anywhere you go in India, the city and town roads are bound to be challenging for a regular car. Potholes, undulating surfaces, busted water pipes, and plenty more. With a hatchback or a sedan you are likely to slow down or just circumvent the challenge. But in an Urban SUV like the Ford Ecosport, you don't STOP!

What's an Urban SUV? It's a regular SUV that gets you to your destination without any delays and offers you a smooth drive. The Ford EcoSport is tailor-made for the city roads as it offers 200mm ground clearance, and the ability to wade through water puddles by up to 550mm.

This means the Ford EcoSport is raring to meet the challenges offered by the Indian road infrastructure from the word GO!

A compact SUV, or a mini SUV, the EcoSport is currently the buzz word in the auto world. Unveiled in the recently concluded Delhi Auto Expo 2012, it is scheduled for launch in India in the next couple of months. 

With an all new 1.0 liter, 3-cylinder “ecoboost” engine that runs on petrol to generate 120 PS power, the Ford Ecosport’s got a top torque of 170 Nm. But what I really like about this compact SUV is its really low C02 emission levels that are 140g/km. With direct injection technology, the small sized engine offers excellent mileage. Expect mileage of no less than 20kmpl!

A front-wheel drive, the Ford EcoSport is built on the same platform as Ford Fiesta. The 4x4 option will not be available, but the ride is going to smoothen the stress lines on your forehead when driving on the rugged terrains in India.

While the EcoSport model has been available in the world market since 2004, the SUV will launch in India only sometime during the second half of 2012.

If you have liked what you have read so far about the Ford EcoSport, and now want to know the price, I can only tell you that the expected price range is between Rs. 9lakh to Rs. 12lakh.

I am clearly looking forward to the launch of this small-sized, 5-seater SUV, because with the entry of Ford EcoSport and Renault Duster, the SUV segment, that was currently above 15lakh, will now open up to one and all. 

Update 25th September 2012 - All of you who have been waiting for the launch of the Ford EcoSport can now breathe a sigh of relief as Ford India has announced that it will roll out the Urban SUV, Ford EcoSport in early 2013 from their facility in Tamil Nadu.

21 April, 2012

Aston Martin Rapide: Bond’s Very Own Family Car?

I love Aston Martins! They personify utter mystery and machismo – two things I am a sucker for. And, Mr. Bond if you are listening, aren’t you a sucker for these two characteristics as well? I know 007 and I have a lot more in common than you guys think. :-)
Anyways, now that my love for James Bond has been expressed to one and all, it’s time to get back to the reason I am writing this blog post…and that is Aston Martin Rapide. This man-crafted beauty is sexy, curvy, and just pleading to be taken – for a ride. Every line, every end of the Aston Martin Rapide exudes unadulterated allure. Really, I could stare and drool at it all day and not go beyond that. Though that would be completely foolish, especially as I said before, the car just cries out to be taken for a drive.
A slightly long cabin, the 4-door style, and the sheer magnetism of the curvaceous shape make the Aston Martin Rapide one of the best looking sedans in the world currently. But, the car’s interiors is another story altogether. With beige colored leather trimming, the buttons & dials look a bit out of place and not really part of a super luxury car like an Aston Martin. With uninspiring plastic dials, really small rear seats, and somewhat non-titillating interiors design and color theme, the Rapide is typically a driver’s car. The driver’s seat is the most exciting part of the car and the largish seat is enough to make you feel comfortable and engulf you in decadence.
A light push on the gas pedal and the man-made beast comes to life. The 5935cc, 48-valve V12 naturally aspirated engine gives out 447PS of power with an astounding 600Nm of torque. The 6-speed AT carbon-fiber propshaft drives the Aston Martin Rapide to cover 0-100kmph in just 5.2 seconds. The top speed at which this beauty can be driven is almost 300kmph.
With plenty of boot space, this very English grand tourer is perfect as a family car. Whether James Bond drives it or not, you can if you have deep-deep pockets. With a price tag of Rs. 2.35Cr (ex-showroom), the Rapide is a true-blue sports car that can really make heads turn and fill you with a deep sense of pride and achievement.

20 April, 2012

Fisker Karma Hybrid Luxury Sports Car is the Top Choice for Top Celebrities in Hollywood!

What's the Hottest New Car Trend in Hollywood Now?
It's called Karma. Fisker Karma. This American plug-in subcompact luxury sports car is a hybrid created by Fisker Automotive, and assembled at Valmet Automotive in Finland.

With two electric motors driving the rear wheels and a lithium-ion battery pushing it, the Fisker Karma is the hottest new car trend in Hollywood. Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore's marriage maybe over, but it's not like he is mopping. Recently he was spotted driving around LA in his beemer. And then there is the teenage singing sensation, Justin Bieber, who was gifted the Fisker Karma by his manager at the Ellen De Generes Show. Another Hollywood hunk, Taylor Lautner is now part of the Fisker Karma Club, as is Frank Walker.
Some of the main features of the Fisker Karma are a solar paneled roof, which is also used for recharging the LI batteries, as well as help with the Climate Control System. The Karma is capable of reaching from 0-100 km / h in just 5.8 seconds and can reach top speed of 201 kmph.
The Fisker Karma's base model is priced at $102,000, and the top model is priced at US$116,000.

Fisker Karma has won several awards like "The 50 Best Inventions" of 2011;  2012 Design of the Year Award by Automobile Magazine; "Luxury Car of The Year" 2011 by Top Gear Magazine and many more.

17 April, 2012

Did You Know These Are The Top 5 Most Sold Cars Globally?

Whenever a Top 5 list is drawn based on popularity, chances are there are going to be debates galore. Nevertheless, I will risk blogging about such a list, because I think the Top 5 list is fairly insightful, not just for the prospective car owners, but also the car makers. Why? Because it allows everyone to analyze and understand why certain car models are chosen over the others. So read on. . .

5. Ford Escort (UK Version)
Did you know that the Ford Escort (UK Version) manufactured from 1968 to 2003. Made by Ford Motor Company (Europe) is the 5th most popular car world-wide.

4. Volkswagen Beetle
The very first Volkswagen Beetle has been and still remains one of the most recognized and popular cars globally. An economy car manufactured by the German giant, Volkswagen (VW), the Beetle bug not just bit the world, but continues to bite people who want a ‘cute’ little car that has garnered the tag of being not just the 4th most popular car in the world, but also the most manufactured, longest running car in the world.

3. Volkswagen Golf
VW Golf is one of my personal favorite cars in the world. First launched as a contemporary “front-wheel” drive hatchback, the company expected it to replace their other creation – the Beetle. But the Volkswagen Golf went on to become one of the foremost widely selling hatchbacks of all times.

2. Ford F-Series
If you ever thought that regular-size pickup trucks could be popular, then you are right. The Ford F-150, part of the Ford F-Series range of trucks has etched itself in the psyche of the people to settle down at the 2nd post on my Top 5 most popular cars in the world list!

1. Toyota Corolla
Japanese carmaker Toyota is one of the major car manufacturers in the world. The Toyota Corolla is the “Numero Uno” car in terms of popularity, across the globe. Not only is it a compact sedan, but it is also one of the most sold cars, with more than 45 million Corollas being sold by 2008-09.

Do you own any one of these cars? Or have you ever driven a Toyota Corolla or a Volkswagen Golf? If yes, share your driving experience with me.

13 April, 2012

Alfa Romeo 4C – The Most Awaited Concept Car of 2012


If you have been praying for a really fast and lightweight sports car, with the Alfa Romeo 4C, your prayers are being answered.

Already creating ripples in the auto world, this Italian car is born from those ideas that dreams are made of. A concept car, the Alfa Romeo 4C is the perfect combination of Italian style, excellent performance, and technical brilliance like the “Alfa DNA system”, a “1750cc Turbo Petrol engine” as well as a TCT transmission. This prototype is fitted with a powerful “4 cylinder” engine offering more than 200HP, and has the capability to achieve a top speed of more than 150 mph, and an acceleration of 0-60 mph in less than 5 seconds.

Quick, compact, and light weight is some of the remarkable characteristics, achieved due to the use of carbon fiber. The car’s body is crafted entirely from carbon fiber, however, the rear frame and crash boxes are crafted from aluminum. The result is a really agile car with a 4kg/HP – weight/power ratio.  

With a rear-wheel drive coupe design, the 4C Concept Car is a two-seater compact approx. 4 mts in length, having a wheelbase of around 2.4 mts. The Alfa Romeo 4C’s mechanical set-up is based on the concept of providing rear strength and front muscles. The car engine is also connected centrally and transversely.

Another fantastic new attribute of the Alfa Romeo 4C is the newly created ‘Lava Red’ color. This is anodized; soft-touch red gives the impression of depth and power. The color ‘moves’ smoothly on the car’s sexy curves and enhance the overall look of the car. 

11 April, 2012

Back To The Future With Cars That Have Wings

There are fast cars and then there are super fast cars. But flying cars? If there was ever a myth that came true, this is it. Considering the technological advancements, we, humans have made in recent times, an amphibious vehicle should hardly come as a surprise. But it does, doesn’t it?

Terrafugia Transition Car
Flying Car Grounded!
Off late, the blogosphere is buzzing with the news that the recently concluded New York International Auto Show was the place to be visiting for checking out the flying car! The Terrafugia Transition – as the name suggests – is a two-seater airplane that can transform into a car with four wheels and all. A ‘roadable’ aircraft, as this Massachusetts based company likes to call its creation, the Transition is priced at $279,000 and has received a fair number of orders from interested people. Not only does this mean that more people will be learning how to fly, but also that such a car (that runs on water and road) has been well-accepted by people now.

Terrafugia Transition Cockpit
Cockpit or Driver's Cabin!

Having the capability to achieve a maximum speed of 105 mph, the Flying Car is a lot faster than a regular car. However, as an airplane, it’s a little slower than several other ‘Light Sport Aircraft’ (LSA), that usually fly at around 135mph. Currently undergoing flight testing, which are going to go on until the end of this year, the Terrafugia Transition will be ready for delivery from next year. 

Terrafugia Transition Unfolding Wings
The Story Unfolds
While everything sound good about the Terrafugia Transition, would you like to see a car with folded wings parked in your neighbor’s garage? What about a fender-bender? I bet, it going to be more expensive. I’d rather spend my money on buying a Porsche Carrera and fly with that . . . on the road, of course!

06 April, 2012

Drive Your Car Without Sitting Behind The Wheel!


 Here’s a peek in the future of cars – Toyota Diji and its super fantastic features:

  1. Amazing car personalization features
  2. Diji's whole body can be used as a canvas to display messages, photos, pictures etc
  3. Ability to connect/communicate to other cars and to the surroundings for enhanced safety and better connectivity with friends
  4. Remote accessibility and smartphone style ease of use
  5. Debuted in Europe at the Geneva Motor Show 2012

Toyota is one of the largest car manufacturers in the world with an impressive portfolio. The Japanese car maker is known for their technologically advanced and stylish vehicles that strongly reflect a strong bond with the society, the environment, and the elements!

Continuing with the same ideology, Toyota recently showed off their latest concept car, called Toyota Diji. The car is an amazing work of imagination, thoughtful purpose, and leverages the various benefits of digital & reality technology, like never before.

The Diji is a path breaking concept car that spells just one thing - Personalization. Not only can it be used to display messages and other necessary information inside and outside of its body, but, the color and content of the display can also be changed as required. 

A really fantastic feature of the Toyota Diji is the fact that the car doesn't require a driver to steer the wheel! Yes, you read right. The Diji has several functions that can be controlled remotely through a Smartphone or any similar portable communication device. Thanks to a network update service, the drive, control, and multimedia mechanics are always updated with the latest software versions. 

But I have saved the best for the last. :-)

The Toyota Diji has the ability to link itself with the surrounding vehicles and environment. This feature helps ensure a safe drive, as it can detect dangerous vehicles on the road (Ex: blind spots), as well as helps the car owner to chat with any of his friends that are driving nearby.