21 April, 2012

Aston Martin Rapide: Bond’s Very Own Family Car?

I love Aston Martins! They personify utter mystery and machismo – two things I am a sucker for. And, Mr. Bond if you are listening, aren’t you a sucker for these two characteristics as well? I know 007 and I have a lot more in common than you guys think. :-)
Anyways, now that my love for James Bond has been expressed to one and all, it’s time to get back to the reason I am writing this blog post…and that is Aston Martin Rapide. This man-crafted beauty is sexy, curvy, and just pleading to be taken – for a ride. Every line, every end of the Aston Martin Rapide exudes unadulterated allure. Really, I could stare and drool at it all day and not go beyond that. Though that would be completely foolish, especially as I said before, the car just cries out to be taken for a drive.
A slightly long cabin, the 4-door style, and the sheer magnetism of the curvaceous shape make the Aston Martin Rapide one of the best looking sedans in the world currently. But, the car’s interiors is another story altogether. With beige colored leather trimming, the buttons & dials look a bit out of place and not really part of a super luxury car like an Aston Martin. With uninspiring plastic dials, really small rear seats, and somewhat non-titillating interiors design and color theme, the Rapide is typically a driver’s car. The driver’s seat is the most exciting part of the car and the largish seat is enough to make you feel comfortable and engulf you in decadence.
A light push on the gas pedal and the man-made beast comes to life. The 5935cc, 48-valve V12 naturally aspirated engine gives out 447PS of power with an astounding 600Nm of torque. The 6-speed AT carbon-fiber propshaft drives the Aston Martin Rapide to cover 0-100kmph in just 5.2 seconds. The top speed at which this beauty can be driven is almost 300kmph.
With plenty of boot space, this very English grand tourer is perfect as a family car. Whether James Bond drives it or not, you can if you have deep-deep pockets. With a price tag of Rs. 2.35Cr (ex-showroom), the Rapide is a true-blue sports car that can really make heads turn and fill you with a deep sense of pride and achievement.

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