11 April, 2012

Back To The Future With Cars That Have Wings

There are fast cars and then there are super fast cars. But flying cars? If there was ever a myth that came true, this is it. Considering the technological advancements, we, humans have made in recent times, an amphibious vehicle should hardly come as a surprise. But it does, doesn’t it?

Terrafugia Transition Car
Flying Car Grounded!
Off late, the blogosphere is buzzing with the news that the recently concluded New York International Auto Show was the place to be visiting for checking out the flying car! The Terrafugia Transition – as the name suggests – is a two-seater airplane that can transform into a car with four wheels and all. A ‘roadable’ aircraft, as this Massachusetts based company likes to call its creation, the Transition is priced at $279,000 and has received a fair number of orders from interested people. Not only does this mean that more people will be learning how to fly, but also that such a car (that runs on water and road) has been well-accepted by people now.

Terrafugia Transition Cockpit
Cockpit or Driver's Cabin!

Having the capability to achieve a maximum speed of 105 mph, the Flying Car is a lot faster than a regular car. However, as an airplane, it’s a little slower than several other ‘Light Sport Aircraft’ (LSA), that usually fly at around 135mph. Currently undergoing flight testing, which are going to go on until the end of this year, the Terrafugia Transition will be ready for delivery from next year. 

Terrafugia Transition Unfolding Wings
The Story Unfolds
While everything sound good about the Terrafugia Transition, would you like to see a car with folded wings parked in your neighbor’s garage? What about a fender-bender? I bet, it going to be more expensive. I’d rather spend my money on buying a Porsche Carrera and fly with that . . . on the road, of course!

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