17 April, 2012

Did You Know These Are The Top 5 Most Sold Cars Globally?

Whenever a Top 5 list is drawn based on popularity, chances are there are going to be debates galore. Nevertheless, I will risk blogging about such a list, because I think the Top 5 list is fairly insightful, not just for the prospective car owners, but also the car makers. Why? Because it allows everyone to analyze and understand why certain car models are chosen over the others. So read on. . .

5. Ford Escort (UK Version)
Did you know that the Ford Escort (UK Version) manufactured from 1968 to 2003. Made by Ford Motor Company (Europe) is the 5th most popular car world-wide.

4. Volkswagen Beetle
The very first Volkswagen Beetle has been and still remains one of the most recognized and popular cars globally. An economy car manufactured by the German giant, Volkswagen (VW), the Beetle bug not just bit the world, but continues to bite people who want a ‘cute’ little car that has garnered the tag of being not just the 4th most popular car in the world, but also the most manufactured, longest running car in the world.

3. Volkswagen Golf
VW Golf is one of my personal favorite cars in the world. First launched as a contemporary “front-wheel” drive hatchback, the company expected it to replace their other creation – the Beetle. But the Volkswagen Golf went on to become one of the foremost widely selling hatchbacks of all times.

2. Ford F-Series
If you ever thought that regular-size pickup trucks could be popular, then you are right. The Ford F-150, part of the Ford F-Series range of trucks has etched itself in the psyche of the people to settle down at the 2nd post on my Top 5 most popular cars in the world list!

1. Toyota Corolla
Japanese carmaker Toyota is one of the major car manufacturers in the world. The Toyota Corolla is the “Numero Uno” car in terms of popularity, across the globe. Not only is it a compact sedan, but it is also one of the most sold cars, with more than 45 million Corollas being sold by 2008-09.

Do you own any one of these cars? Or have you ever driven a Toyota Corolla or a Volkswagen Golf? If yes, share your driving experience with me.

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