06 April, 2012

Drive Your Car Without Sitting Behind The Wheel!


 Here’s a peek in the future of cars – Toyota Diji and its super fantastic features:

  1. Amazing car personalization features
  2. Diji's whole body can be used as a canvas to display messages, photos, pictures etc
  3. Ability to connect/communicate to other cars and to the surroundings for enhanced safety and better connectivity with friends
  4. Remote accessibility and smartphone style ease of use
  5. Debuted in Europe at the Geneva Motor Show 2012

Toyota is one of the largest car manufacturers in the world with an impressive portfolio. The Japanese car maker is known for their technologically advanced and stylish vehicles that strongly reflect a strong bond with the society, the environment, and the elements!

Continuing with the same ideology, Toyota recently showed off their latest concept car, called Toyota Diji. The car is an amazing work of imagination, thoughtful purpose, and leverages the various benefits of digital & reality technology, like never before.

The Diji is a path breaking concept car that spells just one thing - Personalization. Not only can it be used to display messages and other necessary information inside and outside of its body, but, the color and content of the display can also be changed as required. 

A really fantastic feature of the Toyota Diji is the fact that the car doesn't require a driver to steer the wheel! Yes, you read right. The Diji has several functions that can be controlled remotely through a Smartphone or any similar portable communication device. Thanks to a network update service, the drive, control, and multimedia mechanics are always updated with the latest software versions. 

But I have saved the best for the last. :-)

The Toyota Diji has the ability to link itself with the surrounding vehicles and environment. This feature helps ensure a safe drive, as it can detect dangerous vehicles on the road (Ex: blind spots), as well as helps the car owner to chat with any of his friends that are driving nearby.

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