30 July, 2012

Aston Martin One-77 - Exclusive Like A Savile Row Suit!

There are some things in life that are purely eye candy, and then there are those that combine classic looks with functionality. The Aston Martin On-77 is one such "thing." It's eye candy as well as one of those cars that almost touch the limit of perfection. Manufactured by the British sports car maker Aston Martin, the 2-door coupe first came into being in 2008 at the Paris Motor Show in Europe. But people only got to see the engineering marvel at the Geneva Motor Show in 2009.

Aston Martin One 77 Front
Aston Martin One - 77 front
Interestingly, the Austin Martin One - 77 is a limited edition car, and only 77 units will be produced. The Aston Martin One-77 went into production from late 2010/ early 2011. This exclusive Aston Martin's monocoque chassis is made totally with carbon fibre. Handcrafted from aluminum, giving it the awesome shape, sexy curves, and a look that's class apart, the super sports car is exactly what dreams are made of!

Breathing on a 7.3 litre V12 naturally aspirated engine with 750HP of power, it is alleged that the One-77 has the most power-packed naturally aspirated car engine the world!! Yes, and think about it...there will only be 77 such masterpieces available in the world! *Sigh*

Britain's most famous spy's favored car brand, this car will also have an automated 6-speed manual transmission, Carbon Ceramic Brakes, and Pirelli tyres. With the ability to cover thousands of miles in just a blink of the eye, Aston Martin One-77 has a top speed of 357 kmph and can hit 0-100 in just 3.5 seconds.

Aston Martin One - 77 Side
Aston Martin One - 77 Side
Brimming with fantastic features, super hot, super sexy, super sports car, the Aston Martin One -77 has won several design awards like the "Concorso d’Eleganza Design Award" that's awarded for Prototypes & Concept Cars, the "Good Design" Award given by The Chicago Athenauem (Museum of Architecture and Design in North America) and Auto Express Magazine's "Best Design" Award among several other accolades.

Considered by many experts to be Aston Martin's ultimate and best super car ever, only 77 such beauties being available on sale. Such perfection doesn't come cheap...so priced at 1.3 Million Euros, this AM is really as exclusive and decadent as the Savile Row Suit that are handcrafted for perfection and that perfect fit!

Eat your heart out all of you out there who can't buy it...life is about making impossible...POSSIBLE! :-)

Aston Martin One 77

19 July, 2012

BMW M5 Car - Perfection & Beauty With A Super Hot Figure!

For most of us beauty is defined by perfection. The same is true for cars. Beautiful looking cars are usually perfectly engineered and their aesthetics are just a matter of paintwork and certain design elements. Take for example the Jaguar XKR, the Mercedes E 63 AMG, or the Audi S8...these are bold, different, sleek and beautiful cars. Everyone dreams of owning one of them. Well at least I do...!!

And now, I think we can also add the BMW M5 to that list. The perfect marriage of form & function, the newly launched BMW M5 belongs to the BMW M series of cars that are - stunning works of art! Call it a sports car or a saloon, the car fits perfectly in both categories. Fortunately for us, this super hot sports car is not just about looks. It packs a solid punch, mightier than Mohammad Ali's, at 554BHP! The light alloy wheels, rear diffuser, and its aerodynamic shape further ensure its a mean machine that provides excellent entertainment and thrill at the press of the throttle.

The BMW M5 is huffing and chuffing excellence! All you petrol heads, that's all you need to know about my verdict on the awesomeness of this BMW saloon. Perhaps the most powerful BMW so far, the M5 has twin turbo 4.4-litre engine that is not just a work horse, but as responsive as a naturally aspirated one! Wonders of wonders...the German car manufacturer has gone to great lengths to ensure that the M5 is the pugilist out there on the road, no matter who the opponent or what the condition.

With some fantastic stats, these features of BMW M5 are better listed than woven into the fabric of words. So, take it straight from me, right here...right now!
  1. The engine, as mentioned is V8 turbo charged engine in the BMW M5. It delivers a impressive 554bhp @ 6,000 – 7,000 rpm as well as 502 l-ft peak torque from 1,500 rpm.
  2. 0 to 100kmph in 3.7 seconds
  3. 19 inch light-alloy wheels with double spoke design
  4. 2-pipe exhaust
  5. Elegant fine-grain Merino Leather seats
  6. Door sills embossed with M5
  7. Driver's footrest
  8. BMW Individual Anthracite roof-liner
  9. iDrive control system with around 10.2-inch Control Display System
  10. Steering wheel buttons can operate audio, telephone, and cruise control system, 2-M Drive setting (M2 for sporty & M1 for comfort configuration) functions.
  11. Brake Energy Regeneration
  12. Auto Start-Stop to enhance fuel efficiency
  13. 7-speed double-clutch transmission
  14. Automatic and Manual Transmission
  15. Rear-Wheel Drive

Phew! Phew! Germans, they really know how to tempt people! While the car can talk for itself, what I really want to say is that by its features and technology alone, the BMW M5 and pulverize sports cars even with a load of four! If you want to burn some rubber seriously, this supercar is what you need to have in your garage.

Images sourced from BMW website

09 July, 2012

Hyundai Elantra – Truly Avante-Garde Sedan!

Not too many years back, Hyundai had launched the Elantra in India to compete in the mid-level sedan segment. Though then the sedan didn’t really catch the imagination of the Indian car buyer, but it taught the car company an important lesson. That Indians are discerning when it comes to hackneyed designs and technology.

Now riding high on the success of its ‘Fludic’ design models like the i20 and the new Sonata, Hyundai is re-launching the fluidic Elantra in India. This compact, four-door sedan has eye-popping styling, excellent features, and significantly improved mileage as compared to the older Elantra.

Priced between Rs. 11 to 14 Lakh, this new avatar of the Hyundai Elantra, also named as Avante, is going to be a direct competitor to the Honda Civic, Renault Fluence, Skoda Laura, Toyota Corolla Altis, Volkswagen Jetta, and Chevrolet Cruze. Expected to be launched around December 2012, this car will be fitted with a 1.8 litre 4 cylinder petrol engine with the patented D-CVVT technology (Dual-Continuously Variable Valve Timing) that promises a 148PS output. The diesel variant will house a 1.6 litre CRDi engine capable of churning out 120PS output.  Both variants will have a 6-speed manual gear system or a 6-speed automatic gearbox with ‘Shiftronic’ (manual over-ride) system.

All the usual features and equipment present in a premium mid-level sedan will be available in the Hyundai Elantra like Climate Control, Bluetooth Connectivity, ABS, and Reverse Parking Sensors among other things. Some really good safety features like 6-airbags, ABS with EBD, and traction control etc will also be fitted in the India made car.

From the images available online, the interiors impress with their level of detailing and quality. Also, internationally the Hyundai Elantra is considered to the one of the most beautiful cars in the world and the fact that this vehicle will make its entry in India is an exciting prospect.

If you have some interesting facts, features etc about the Hyundai Elantra, don’t forget to share them with me.

02 July, 2012

The Perfect Reason To Rob A Bank: 5 Really Expensive, Really Fast and Really Cool Sports Cars!

Everyone loves sports cars. The faster the better. The more low swung the better. The more power hungry the better. Racing a mean machine can really get the adrenaline pumping…the head buzzing (well in a good way!)…and being suffused with a sense of pride on owning a car that has such tremendous capabilities is a feeling like no other!

Yes, sports cars and the really fast and cool types, are very expensive. Don’t believe me? I had blogged about some of the most expensive cars in the world before, and now, the most expensive sports cars to know why you will need to rob a bank to own one of these top 5 most popular and expensive sports cars in the world, unless you are born as a Tata, Ambani, or Birla. The list starts with the least expensive car (if there is ever such a sports car) and ends with the most expensive sports car in the world!

5. McLaren F1
Price tag: $970,000

McLaren is one of the brightest stars in the F1 galaxy. And that’s not without reason. The McLaren F1 is one of those cars that can hit the 386kmph mark without breaking into a sweat! The fastest McLaren is also powerful with 6.1-Litre V12 BMW engine. According to AutoCar, a very popular Brit Car Mag, “The McLaren F1 is the finest driving machine yet built for the public road.”

This 3 seater - 2 door coupe though manufactured in 1994, is still capable of giving some of the latest sports cars a ‘run’ for their money. Don’t believe us? Ask Nick Mason, Rowan Atkinson, Ralph Lauren, and Sultan of Brunei…who owns, not 1, but 8 McLaren F1s!!

4. Lamborghini Reventon
Price tag: $1,600,000

Lamborghini Reventon was first showcased in the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2007. This Lamborghini is a Spanish sports car and takes inspiration from some of the fastest flying airplanes like the Fighter Jet, Panavia Tornado. Beautiful and swift, the car’s name means ‘burst’ in Spanish and this idea is included in the car’s design. Despite being able to speed up to 224 mph, the Reventon with its 6.5 Litre V12 engine and 641 HP output is a safe car to drive. Out of the original 20 Lamborghini Reventons produced, 10 were sold in US, 7 in Europe, 1 in Canada and 2 in Asia. Some of the famous owners of this 2-door coupe include Chechen president Ramzan Kadyrov, and Jay Leno, who is not the original owner, but owns the #7 of 20.

3.  Aston Martin One-77
Price tag: $1,700,000

Known for quickness and nimbleness, Aston Martins are really beautiful. But the Aston Martin One-77, because there are only 77 of these, is completely different from its predecessors. Made of a lightweight, new carbon fibre chassis, the One-77 packs a whopping 700 HP on a 7.3 Litre V12 engine that boasts of reaching a maximum speed of 355lmph. Dubbed by many as the ‘Definite Sports Car’, the Aston Martin One-77 is not just very expensive but also highly coveted for its fantastic design and brilliant technology. 

In fact, an anon buyer from Middle East has purchased 10 units for his family for $23 million!

2.  Bugatti Veyron
Price tag: $1,700,000

Everyone’s heard of the Veyron! If you haven’t, you can’t be a car lover. Tut…tut! A competitor to the Aston Martin One-77, the Bugatti Veyron used to be one of the most expensive & fastest cars on the planet. With a top speed of 431 kmph, the Veyron is named after the famous French racing driver, Pierre Veyron.

Top Gear has called this Bugatti ‘The Car of the Decade (2000-2009)’. Manufactured by Volkswagen Group of Germany, this super low and sleek sports car has an 8-Litre V16 engine with a 1000HP output. Having won lot of praise as well as criticism, the Bugatti Veyron still remains one of the most desired sports cars in the world to date. Some of the lucky few who can afford to have one in their garage include Simon Cowell, Tom Brady, Ralph Lauren and David Beckham among others. Recently, Beyonce gifted her husband, Jay Z, a Bugatti Veyron…must say lucky husband!

And, the most expensive, fast, and gorgeous super sports car is…

1. Ferrari FXX
Price tag: $2500000

So what if Italy couldn't win the recently concluded Euro Cup, they win when it comes to producing some of the finest and fastest sports & luxury cars in the world!

With a price tag of $2.5 million, the Ferrari FXX borrows some famous features of the iconic Ferrari Enzo to grab the first place on the most expensive list of classy sports beamers. This car has a 6.3Litre V12 engine, 790 HP of power and can obtain a top speed of 391kmph. By the end of this year, the fastest Ferrari so far, will be subjected to improvements and changes to come out stronger, better, and faster than its present avatar. (Really! Do we really need such mean muscle cars?)

Celebs like Michael Schumacher, Roman Abramovich among many others (!) own a Ferrari FXX!!!

If you enjoyed this article,  and love SUVs as well, do stop by to read the post about the three exorbitantly expensive SUVs in the world. As always, I’d love to hear from you. Don’t really care about these expense toys…send me your opinion.