29 March, 2013

Top 10 Cars with Most Expensive Price Tag in New York International Auto Show 2013

After the Geneva Motor Show, automakers will flaunt their creation with utter flamboyance and audacity in New York Motor Show. All the super cars from Lamborghini to Mercedes, Bentley to Ferrari will be exhibited. As usual the show will be all about glitz, glamour and cars. New York auto show is the largest motor exhibition in North America which started on March 29 and end in April 7, 2013. One thousand cars will be showcased in this major auto exhibition and more than 1 million people are expected to attend this marvelous display of creation, metamorphosis and speed at one place. Car enthusiasts from all over the world have already gathered to get the glimpse of the best of the best cars. As mentioned above, 1000 of cars will be displayed, let’s check out the most expensive cars in NY Auto Show 2013.

The Ferrari 450 Italia

The Ferrari 450 Italia: Unbelievably shiny, the basic price of Ferrari 450 Italia is $450,000

The McLaren MP4-4C 

The McLaren MP4-4C: This car epitomizes cleverly crafted beauty with an invincible attitude.  The starting price of this car is similar to Ferrari 450, which is $4500, 000

The Lamborghini Aventador

The Lamborghini Aventador: This futuristic vehicle reflects an urge to conquer mind, heart and the road. This super car will cost you $387,000

The Bentley Mulsanne

The Bentley Mulsanne: The price of this sophisticated car starts from $298,900

The Lamborghini Perfomante Spyder

The Lamborghini Perfomante Spyder:  This brilliantly chic and stunningly gorgeous Lambo will cost you around $275,000

The Rolls Royce Ghost

The Rolls Royce Ghost: Rolls Royce Cars are always known for class, dominance and luxury. The staring price of this car is $260,000

The Bentley GT Speed Convertible

The Bentley GT Speed Convertible:  The basic price of this convertible sporty car is $238,700

The Bentley New Flying Spur

The Bentley New Flying Spur: The new Bentley Flying Spur creates an impact with its stunning looks on NY Auto Show. This stylish car will cost you around $200,500

Mercedes Benz AMG GT Coupe

Mercedes Benz AMG GT Coupe: The starting price of this ultra-sleek Mercedes Benz is $199,500

The Lamborghini Gallardo

The Lamborghini Gallardo: This supercar exudes style, boldness and a conspicuous vitality. The price of this car is $191,900.

28 March, 2013

Robot Car in Silicon Valley

We have seen Robots in Science Fiction movies and TV serials but there’s no end to innovation in the famous Silicon Valley. Recently, a driver less car is invented, which can tell pedestrians when to cross the road. Robot car will be a reality soon, which will eventually reduce parking space and traffic according to research. These cars can park, drive and pick up people without any human intervention. After the remote control car in Russia, now it’s robot car in the United States of America. Everything is electronic about the car right from controlling the steering to reducing speed in the roads. The new robot car is known as X1, which looks like a typical future vehicle with wires and nerdy wheels. Precisely it looks like a science project vehicle. 

The dynamic design lab of Standford University conceptualized this robot car may soon take over the roads. These experimental vehicles can all together replace real drivers in future but who will be responsible in case of accidents? There are still many unanswered questions associated with the robot car.  Google already made a driverless car and now most automotive giants like Mercedes, Bosch, General Motors and Volkswagen are working on Robot cars. Self driven cars can cut out congestion even they can communicate among themselves. They can stand close to each other and people can rent a robot car instead of buying a vehicle. Almost all automakers are working silently in this concept. 

What if Robot cars come out the movies and start hitting the roads? Will there be too much chaos? Will technology slowly wipe out human intervention in every field of work?  Will robots control our lives or we will control them is the next big question. 

Image Credit: BBC Image

19 March, 2013

World’s No.1 Supercar Store – Al Ain Class Motors

This is not a regular car showroom with usual stuff. Al Ain Class Motors is world’s No. 1 automobile trading company that deals with super cars. Just name a car, you will get there. It’s a magical destination for car fanatics and delight for the bystander. From Bugatti Veyron Super Sports to Lamborghini Aventador, from Pagani Zonda, Maybach Landaulet to Hennessey Venom GT Spyder, this showroom located in Dubai showcases all the major super cars.  A perfect place for super car enthusiast and an ardent buyer, Al Ain Class Motors is the Mecca of super cars. Al Ain Class Motors takes individual request and their motto is to satisfy their customers.

Abdullah Al Ketbi is the owner of this £80 Million dealership. This man has access to world’s most rare cars and if you visit Dubai next time, don’t forget to check out this exclusive showroom, which is no less than an automotive museum. This dealership is in business for 20 years trading in luxury and exotic cars. Both new and pre-owned vehicles are available here. The owner believes in treating every customer with equal respect because according to him, you never know who will buy what. He mostly follows his instincts while showing a car to his clienteles. There’s no place on earth that can compete with this place hence Al Ain Class Motors unsurprisingly becomes the definite leader in the supercar dealership network in the world.

16 March, 2013

Remote Control Car Is A Reality Now In Russia!

Now you can drive a car with your iPad. Sounds crazy right? The Russians recently invented an iPad application for driving a car. Things are getting bizarre for good in the automotive industry and remote control cars are just one example. According to reports, In Russia you don’t drive a car, car drive you and this dictum make sense with the invention of an iPad application for driving a car in the snow clad roads.

Recently, an Opel Vectra was used for experimenting by a team of mechanics in Tula Oblast. They installed some motors, electronics and actuators for making the Saloon to move without wires via iPad. Everything from your steering, accelerator and brake pedal can be controlled by your iPad. It also does video streaming in your iPad for letting you know, where you are heading. Now you can sit with your iPad and drive your car but for that you have to understand the application well. This is just an experiment and in future such technology will be a regular thing. Remote control cars can be best driven by video game fanatics.

The application is available now however in order to make a remote control car, you need to understand the app, spend more time figuring out the things mentioned and buy few expensive electronics for installation.

Check this video!

13 March, 2013

Speed, Glamour, Money & Passion – All about Formula One 2013

Are you ready for the cockpit battle? Will this Formula One season create that blistering effect? Will the favorites take home the trophy? Formula One 2013 is the most awaited event for the speed fanatics where all the auto giants from Ferrari to Mercedes, Marussia to Mclaren, Sauber to Lotus will drag and race for glory.

Speed, control and mind strength is the deciding factor and the winners know how to beat the opponents with accuracy. On March 17, 2013, Melbourne will witness the best racing machines with the most skilled drivers fighting for glory. Some will fall and some will rise from the lost ashes. Let’s check out some of the greatest prospects of Formula One, 2013.

Ferrari: Fernando Alonso & Fillipe Masse epitomize the glamour quotient. The new F138 car according to Alonso is 200 times better and the team is looking forward to conquer the race track this season.

Marussia: Max Chilton and Jules Bianchi are looking good for the season and is the only team having the Cosworth engine. The unlikely team can emerge as the dark horse this time.

Mercedes:  The winner of 2008 Formula One Lewis Hamilton is one of the strongest contenders in this season. Will he be able to make it again? Only time will tell but Team Mercedes will always be the top favorites.

Mclaren:  Button and Perez looks all prepared to beat the finest & and the greatest. It’s the best chance for Button and Parez to prove their skills on the racetrack.

Other Favorites:

Red Bull
Force India

So which is your favorite team? Do let us know…

Author: Pallav

11 March, 2013

Why Renault Duster Is So Popular In India?

Renault Duster brought some kind of revolution in the SUV segment soon after it was launched in India. Everybody is talking about this car that looks glossy and bold at the same time. Duster got almost all the major awards in the automotive award functions. It was a clean sweep for the brand and there’s no denying of the fact that Duster deserves all the attention and recognition.

Everything about the vehicle is just perfect. This compact SUV comes with an affordable price tag of 7 lakh – 12 lakh. It gives an awesome mileage of 20 kmpl and what more can someone expect from a large vehicle like Duster. The ground clearance is good for the Indian roads. The performance of this car is also very heart-thrilling off road. It delivers power of 84 bhp and the engine is powered by 1.6 litre petrol engine. The dual circuit braking system adds safety to this vehicle.

Indian customers are fascinated by mileage, price and looks and this car satisfies every need of a potential consumer. The target audience for Renault Duster is basically the adventurous bunch with good bank balance. Especially the middle management people and the wanderers love this car. Currently, Duster is available in 6 colors such as Pearl Supreme White, Metallic Fiery Red, Metallic Graphic Grey, Metallic Moonlight Silver, Pearl Galaxy Black and Metallic Woodland Brown. Woodland brown is the most seen Duster in India.

SUVs are large vehicles that exude power and sophistication. If you are planning to buy an affordable SUV, Renault Duster and Ford Ecosport can be a good bet. It’s one of the best cars in the Indian automotive history till date. The spacious interiors, good pick up and bold looks makes this car the most wanted vehicle.

08 March, 2013

Most Astonishing Cars at Geneva Motor Show 2013

Finally the long wait for super cars is over. Geneva Motor Show 2013 was flooded with cars but only few managed to catch our eyeballs and also became viral on the web. The top automakers from Europe came together in one platform to showcase their creation and the outcome is sheer magic!

Geneva Motor Show is the Mecca for the automobile enthusiasts, where they get the glimpse of all the major super cars together. It’s a moment of admiration to gaze at so many beautiful creations made by man. From Jaguar, Ferrari to Lamborghini, almost all super European brands delighted the audience with their superlative creations.

So, let’s review some of the most awaited super cars of 2013

Lamborghini Veneno: The car that went viral on the web just before the Geneva Motor Show was a huge hit. We know why Batman loves this car. Veneno, which means Venom in Spanish, is surely the blend of beauty and aggression. This is a limited edition car and only 3 people on Earth will be lucky enough to have this beauty. To know more about this car, read this: The Car From The Future

Mclaren P1:  Known to be the spiritual successor of F1, this super car is a visual treat with an avant-garde technology. Mclaren P1 has the ability to do 0-62mph in just 3 seconds. It’s one of the most expensive cars with a price tag of £866,000. This car exudes style, speed and sportiness.

Rolls-Royce Wraith: It’s not a car; it’s a piece of art. Considered to be the main competitor of Bentley’s Continental GT, Rolls-Royce Wraith exudes dominance and luxury with too much character. This car features phantom grade interiors, stylish wood trim and star light headliner.

Author: Pallav

05 March, 2013

Lamborghini Veneno - The Car from the Future

Car enthusiasts from all around the world are curious about the newest hypercar Lamborghini Veneno, which will be unveiled in Geneva Motor Show. Lamborghini will build only 3 models to celebrate brand’s 50 years of success.

The real battle of hypercars will happen in the upcoming Geneva Motor Show where Lamborghini will compete against Mclaren P1 and Ferrari’s Special Series car.

There will be 3 models built around the three colors of the Italian flag however the testing model, which will be unveiled on Geneva Motor Show will be number 0. Technically, Lamborghini will make 4 models of this hyper car.

Lamborghini Veneno flaunts a racing car like body however it will be legal for the roads. The name of this car is inspired from the Spaniard’s fighting spirit with the bull. Veneno which means Venom in Spanish is touted to be the most sought-after hyper cars in the world.

After all it’s coming from the house of the masters. It will offer an astonishing top speed of 220.5 mph and 740 horsepower. Veneno will be a carbon skinned car just like the Sesto Elemento. This vehicle will weigh 275 pounds less than the Aventador. This hypercar will be adding utilizable down force for high speed grip and the actual design will be aerodynamics.

The front part of this car is especially designed to act like wings. For cooling the brakes, carbon fiber rims are used that actually acts like a turbine. Test model 0 will be made in grey metallic color and only this test model will have all the three colors of the Italian Flag. Will this car be an Epic? Only time will tell…

Author: Pallav

02 March, 2013

Mercedes SLS Black Series – A Racing Machine for the Road

It’s one of the top cars made by AMG till date, which is especially designed for speed enthusiasts.  Merc SLS Black Series is the racing machine for the road. Merc SLS black series is all about speed, style, luxury and character. The styling inspiration came from SLS GT3. The carbon fiber wheel arches adds supremacy and control to the vehicle. The ceramic brakes give the all required confidence. The aluminium and carbon chassis enhances its side view.

The rawness and the power of this vehicle accentuate the personality of this car. SLS’s 6.2l engine, 622 bhp and a top speed of 196mph adds that wow factor! The vehicle has lighter seats, carbon fiber bonnet, torque, rear bulkhead, which are just world class. The exhaust and lean titanium are all new renovations. Every part of the suspension is tweaked.

 Merc SLS Black Series is all set to hit the roads this summer however it’s expensive. The price of this vehicle is whopping £230,000. The USP of this vehicle is the sound that roars like lion. Merc SLS will conquer the roads with its domineering stance.

It’s sharper, cutting-edge and stylish than the normal SLS. Riding this car on normal roads can be an extremely fine experience. Limited quantity of this car will be on sale. Only the super rich could probably buy this machine because it’s awfully expensive. It will give a tough competition to Ferrari F12 for sure.

01 March, 2013

What So Special About Jeep Grand Cherokee Diesel?

Chrysler-Fiat's Jeep Grand Cherokee will be hitting the Indian roads on August 2013. The design of this SUV is somewhat orthodox however the vertical slate grill looks striking. Indians are fascinated by the Jeeps. From rural to urban India, there’s a Jeep story in everybody’s life. From curvy hills to bumpy countryside roads, from desert to urban landscape, a Jeep conquers them all. If you are a traveler, you are destined to ride a Jeep once in your lifetime for sure. So, let’s find out what is so special about Grand Cherokee.

Why there’s so much fuss about the launch? In the family of Jeep, Grand Cherokee is considered to be the head. It’s not always quite and comfortable in a Jeep but Grand Cherokee breaks the myth. It gives a smooth ride without making any commotion. The on-road dynamics of this vehicle is better than Audi Q7. Maybe No. It’s a luxurious vehicle with proper control, tricky suspensions, size and weight. It can challenge the terrain with ease however it’s not as strong as the Defender. Indian version of GC will have 8 speed automatic gearbox, 3L, V6 diesel engine with 240bhp.

The price of this vehicle is still not decided because of the changing government policies on SUVs. The predicted price of this mean machine will be around 50 Lakh. GC will be replacing Jeep Liberty in the international level. The adventurous attitude associated with the Jeep brand is always a big plus. The acceleration and pickup of GC will be extremely impressive. The chrome bezel inserts add a great level of intensity to the vehicle. The interior looks stylish while exterior look extremely bold. Grand Cherokee is the perfect blend of masculinity and sophistication.

Author: Pallav