16 March, 2013

Remote Control Car Is A Reality Now In Russia!

Now you can drive a car with your iPad. Sounds crazy right? The Russians recently invented an iPad application for driving a car. Things are getting bizarre for good in the automotive industry and remote control cars are just one example. According to reports, In Russia you don’t drive a car, car drive you and this dictum make sense with the invention of an iPad application for driving a car in the snow clad roads.

Recently, an Opel Vectra was used for experimenting by a team of mechanics in Tula Oblast. They installed some motors, electronics and actuators for making the Saloon to move without wires via iPad. Everything from your steering, accelerator and brake pedal can be controlled by your iPad. It also does video streaming in your iPad for letting you know, where you are heading. Now you can sit with your iPad and drive your car but for that you have to understand the application well. This is just an experiment and in future such technology will be a regular thing. Remote control cars can be best driven by video game fanatics.

The application is available now however in order to make a remote control car, you need to understand the app, spend more time figuring out the things mentioned and buy few expensive electronics for installation.

Check this video!

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