17 April, 2013

Skoda’s ‘If You Drink, We Drive' IPL Program

IPL is one of the most celebrated cricketing events in India. It’s the Desi Version of American Super bowl. Cheering your favorite team in an IPL match requires passion and some fans need drinks to accelerate that momentum. Now Skoda launches an exclusive chauffeur service to Skoda owners who wants to drink during the match. This extremely popular value added service gives you enough freedom to drink during the match and come home safe with this innovative initiative.  

The service is available only in Mumbai till 15th May 2013. Skoda especially designed this unique program to raise awareness about safe driving. Now cricket fans can register before going for the sporting event and get drunk. Every Skoda owner who registers for this service gets a chauffeur. Such programs not only enhance the brand image but also add lots of value to its customers. Unfortunately only Mumbai based Skoda owners can enjoy this benefit. Cricket fans who wants to watch live matches in pubs and restaurants in Mumbai could also enjoy the benefits of this program however registering ahead of time is very important. Skoda repeated this program after the huge response they got during the last season.

So, if you are from Mumbai and a Skoda owner and an occasional drunkard, you are the luckiest dude to avail this awesome service from Skoda. So, get drunk, enjoy cricket and come home safe. 

11 April, 2013

What Is The Best Thing About Ford EcoSport?

Ford EcoSport will definitely attract tech savvy people in India for one particular reason, which I will reveal in this article. There are too many apprehensions now about EcoSport’sbattle against Duster. For some people, EcoSport is small but it is mini SUV hence the size is well justified.  Ford EcoSport looks stunningly masculine and contemporary.  In India most people look for three things before buying a car, they are Looks, Mileage and Price. Most Indians would like to have a car with enough space inside and well defined attitude outside so I am not going to write anything technical about EcoSport but I have to mention that the best thing about EcoSport is not its looks, mileage or affordability. It’s something, which most of us don’t know.

Well, let me tell you Ford EcoSport is a huge car compared to Alto. I hope you agree but do you know EcoSport has only 1 litre petrol engine while Alto has 0.8 L, which is only few litre more. So, why EcoSport is using 1 litre petrol engine? The answer is - Ford EcoSport will have the illustrious Ecoboost Engine. Developed by Ford Motor Company, Ecoboost is direct injected, turbocharged engine, which is only available in high-end cars. Ecoboost helps increasing fuel efficiency by 20% and it also reduces greenhouse emissions. So, Ford EcoSport is much more eco-friendly than other cars for sure. EcoSport claims to provide an average mileage of 20 Kmpl. 

If we think about SUVs, it’s only the masculinity that comes to our mind but in case of EcoSport it’s the mileage, which also plays an important role in making a purchase decision.

There’s sophisticated “split cooling system” in the Ecoboost engine that automatically helps in warming the engine for reducing fuel consumption. Ecoboost uses cast iron instead of aluminium hence it needs less energy to warm up. Ecoboost engine emits only 140g/km CO2 that makes EcoSport one of the most eco-friendly cars available in its segment. Hence the petrol variant of EcoSport is really a winner before its launch. What do you think?

Author: Pallav

09 April, 2013

Tata Nano Art-in-Motion Project

Tata Nano is the world’s most affordable car with excellent maneuverability and easy parking capabilities.  You never have to search for your Tata Nano in a parking lot. Thanks to its unique colour schemes and tall boy design. This car looks conspicuous amid all plaid colored vehicles. There’s a perception that Nano is less spacious however the reality is this car can comfortably accommodate a small family of five.

Tata Nano was launched for targeting the largest Indian middle class with an approximate price of 1 Lakh however the previous versions of this car never met the expectations and hype hence Tata Nano came with its facelift versions recently. The new Tata Nano will cost you around 2 Lakh however if you are looking for a great mileage, Nano can be the best bet.

The Tata Nano Art-in-Motion Project is all about expression, design and freshness associated with this car. Art-In-Motion project mainly showcases the fun side of this car.  The theme of this year’s Art-in-Motion series is Saddi Dilli, where artists joined hands to create Nano art car at this year Youth Nexus. It’s an event to promote individuality, creativity and expression through art.  The Saddi Dilli Art-in-Motion project mainly highlights the colourful vibrancy of Delhi. Tata Nano acted as canvas for the artist, where they painted monuments and culture of Delhi. Art is all about freedom of expression, individuality and youth. The main idea behind this collaboration is to enhance Nano’s identity as a fun car.

These types of events not only helps acquiring more target audience but also increases brand visibility especially a car which is so economical can easily attract students. It’s cool to drive a Nano, isn’t it? 

08 April, 2013

Will Ford EcoSport Overshadow Renault Duster In India?

India will witness the biggest battle of SUVs after the launch of the most awaited Ford EcoSport, which will compete against the hugely popular Renault Duster. Both the cars look urban, hip and tempting. Especially young professionals are attracted towards these vehicles that look good on and off the road. Both the SUVs add attitude to your personality however there are things that will make one of these SUV the winner. So, who will win the battle?

Renault Duster is currently grabbing all the limelight because there’s no competition and it’s one of the best looking SUVs available however things may change after the launch of Ford EcoSport, which is working on the pricing heavily. There’s a huge online campaign known as Ford Urban Discoveries is currently live and gaining much attention while word of mouth for Duster is spreading like wild fire. You can see many metallic woodland Duster all around.  Renault Duster is becoming a household name especially it’s the icon for the SUV lovers in India. 

Renault Duster is available in Diesel as well as in Petrol version that produces 108 bhp and 103 bhp respectively. The muscular looking Duster is so full of style and statement, especially the word DUSTER embossed in the rear gives a unique identity to this vehicle. The chrome front grille and sparkled wheel arches adds that French artsy touch to the vehicle. Ford EcoSport on the other hand generating huge buzz around its pricing strategy which will be much affordable. The 1 litre Ecoboost engine is able to produce 120 bhp. Ford claims to break the notion that even petrol engines can perform better with EcoSport.

The exterior of this vehicle looks equally appealing. Ford EcoSport will give 16 kmpl mileage while Duster gives 7 kmpl. If we see the fuel efficiency, EcoSport scores well. The price of both the cars is almost around 9 Lakh hence the battle will become more tough in future. We can’t tell anything as EcoSport is still not launched however it will be a matter of survival for both the cars after the launch. There will be only one winner. It can be Duster or the most awaited EcoSport. Only time will tell.

05 April, 2013

The Racing Dynamite Audi R8 V10 Plus Launched In India

Audi R8 V10 Plus is the most efficient version of Audi R8 series with Lamborghini sourced engine and a stunning exterior. It’s the fastest version of Audi, which was launched in India on April 04, 2013 at Buddh International Circuit (BIC). This mean machine comes with a price tag of Rs. 2.06 Crore (Ex Showroom Mumbai). A regular Audi cost you 30 Lakh less than V10 Plus. India’s growing position in the automotive sector is tempting all the international automakers to launch their vehicles and Audi is no exception.

The target audience of Audi R8 V10 plus will be those ultra rich, fast car lover types with a penchant for a sleek design and groundbreaking performance. The seven speed S tronic transmission, which is also available in all the R8 versions, makes this car racing dynamite. The sporty appearance and commanding identity, this new age coupe epitomizes open-mindedness. V10 Plus is made lighter with stiffer suspension for increasing the overall performance of this super sports car. 

More carbon is used for making this car for lowering the weight. V10 plus weigh 50 kg less than a regular R8 with 5.2 litre FSI V10 engine and the car can reach 0-100 kmph in just 3.5 seconds. The top speed of this super sports car is 317 km/h. With a power of 550 bhp and 540Nm torque, Audi R8 V10 Plus leaves no room for criticism for the car lovers. Audi R8 V10 plus is supposed to be the automaker’s flagship performance car in India. R8 V10 Plus falls in the category of Porsche 911 turbo and Lamborghini Gallardo.

By launching this super sports car, Audi wants to establish its dominance over other players like Lamborghini, Mercedes and BMW as India’s automotive  sector is huge and nobody wants to miss the chance of conquering this market of opportunity.