13 May, 2013

Jaguar Land Rover Launches New Engineering Test Centre In Dubai

Jaguar strengthens its Research and Development abilities in Middle East by opening a new engineering test centre in Dubai. This centre is especially launched to test vehicles in extreme weather conditions. The new Jaguar engineering centre will have vehicle research, development and testing division. The extremely high temperature of Dubai's Al Barsha area of 48 to 50 degrees Celsius will enable the engineering team to test powertrains, heat and ventilation systems, chassis, off-road and sand driving capabilities of Jaguar Land Rover. 
There are total 5 global testing grounds of Jaguar Land Rover. They are: 

1. Arjeplog, Sweden, 
2. Phoenix, USA
3. International Falls, USA, 
4. Nurburgring, Germany 
5. Dubai, UAE. 

Recently at a press conference, Jaguar Land Rover Director of Engineering Technical Services Martyn Hollingsworth said: "There's a huge scope of growth for Jaguar Land Rover and since 2008 Jaguar has been investing in such testing centres for enhancing the engineering capabilities of these vehicles, which is actually helping the company for producing revived Jaguar and Land Rover models."

The newest testing facility in Dubai is four times larger than the other test centres. Jaguar aims to touch newer heights of innovation, quality and durability through this centre. Trial centre in such extreme place will basically help the vehicles to survive in the harshest conditions.

Recently Jaguar Land Rover celebrated its 65th anniversary with great pomp and show. Jaguar India also launched Land Rover Experience Events for showcasing Land Rover’s all terrain capabilities. The event will be organized across India. 

According to reports, Jaguar Land Rover sold 357,773 vehicles in the 2012, which is 30% increase in total sales compared to previous years. Jaguar Land Rover provides the largest automotive R&D and engineering facility in the UK. 

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