19 July, 2013

How Ford Ecosport Will Eventually Kill Renault Duster?

Things were bit hazy before the launch of Ford’s newest blockbuster Ecosport. Most people were apprehensive about the competence of this Mini SUV compared to Renault Duster, which was already very popular in Indian roads. The ultimate blow came from Ecosport in the day of its launch when the starting price of Ecosport was revealed. Nobody ever imagined that this super stylish car will be available at Rs. 5.59 lakh only, which is almost 30% cheaper than the illustrious Duster. It’s the hardest kick from Ford. Not only EcoSport is cheaper, it’s actually better in various fronts. The interiors of Ecosport are far superior to Duster. Ecopsort’s pick up capabilities are higher.   

Why you will buy Duster when you have much better looking car at cheaper price?

According to reports, Ecosport has already received 30,000 bookings within 18 days of its launch. There are more foot falls in the Ford outlets. It’s becoming a craze not only in metro cities but also in small towns. Indian customers basically look for three things while buying a car, that’s price, mileage and looks and Ford Ecosport satiates a new customer with all these characteristics. 

Renault’s Duster was a big craze last year. It became one of the best selling cars in India but things won’t stay flowery for this Mini SUV. Ford Ecosport will finally kill Duster with its looks, price and engine. The only problem with Ecosport is its long waiting period.  Interested buyers have to wait for few months for driving this voguish car. 

Ford Ecosport is a head turner for sure. The flawless design work of this car surely makes you feel blessed if you own this car however things keep changing, new cars keep coming up. Right now, Ecosport is that one car that grabbing all eyeballs. The popularity of this Mini SUV has crossed Honda Amaze, i20 and other cars. It’s youthful, chic and urban. 
Finally, it’s the price, when you are getting such an awesome car at such an affordable price, why you will opt for something that’s much more expensive than this vehicle. 

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18 July, 2013

Jaguar Project 7 - The Stunning Concept Racer Unveiled At Goodwood Festival Of Speed

The British automaker Jaguar, which is known for producing classy cars has now come with a stunning concept called Project 7. The all new Jaguar Project 7 is based on F-type convertible. Project 7 will be the extreme avatar of Jag F-type. This ultra stylish sports car is one of the most popular concepts in the 2013 Goodwood Festival of Speed (FoS). 

This two-seater convertible car delivers a maximum power of 650 bhp. Jag Project 7 is honor to Jaguar's seven Le Mans wins. It's a designer's car hence the aesthetics has been well taken care off. This two-seater will be the purest form among all other Jaguar's sports cars. The max speed of this car is 186 mph. 

It's a clean looking car that reaches 0-100 kmph in just 4.1 secs. The best thing about this car is its sound and performance, says Mike Cross - Jaguar's lead development driver. Some of the amazing exterior features include refurbished front bumper, fixed rear wing, rear diffuser and lowered windscreen. Jaguar Project 7 along with Jaguar F-type will grab eyeballs in the Goodwood Festival of Speed. This concept racing car will have V8 just like the F-type and will be a four wheel drive. 

The Rear mounted fin gives an extra stability to the vehicle.  If you are looking for cars that exude class, sophistication and speed, this car will probably blow all your senses. Jaguar Project 7 is hotter than F-type. So, all Lamborghini fans out there, you have a competition now. 

Author: Pallav Gogoi

17 July, 2013

Datsun 'Go' the Brainchild of Carlos Ghosn Re-launched In India

[Latest Update: Datsun Go Launched in India on March 19, 2014 at Rs.3.12 Lakh. To Know More, Click Here: Datsun Go Price| Specifications| Engine|Mileage etc.]

The iconic Carlos Ghosn relaunches brand Datsun after 30 years to expand Nissan’s presence in Indian market, which is currently going through a slowdown phase. Datsun Go is a hatchback, which will be priced below 4 lakh in India. India is one of the most promising markets in the auto sector, which is why Carlos Ghosn chose this country for the global launch of Datsun. This vehicle will mainly target the youth, the first time buyers who generally does lots of research before buying a car. It’s a vehicle for the smart people who wants value for money.

The immediate competitors of Datsun Go will be Maruti, Tata Motors and Hyundai. These companies have successful cars like A-Star, Alto and i10 in the small car segment. Will the renovation of Datsun brand help Nissan to capture Indian market? Will Indians buy this hatchback?  Well, the answer is all loud and clear. All the modern amenities are available in Datsun Go and it’s an affordable car with good fuel economy hence the success of this vehicle is confirmed. Carlos Ghosn is known for renovating the Nissan brand from near bankruptcy. He achieved a cult status in Japan and even a part of popular comic strip now. He was totally involved in re-building of 2013 Datsun. Carlos Ghosn is optimistic about the growth in the Indian Auto Sector and he says slowdown is just a temporary phase. Indian Auto Industry will come back to its earlier form by the end of 2013. The car sales will be higher in the festive season and the slowdown will finally fade into oblivion.

With Datsun Go, Nissan starts a brand new chapter in its history. This small car has enough legroom for accommodating 4-5 passengers. It has 1.2 litre petrol engine with 5 speed manual gearbox. This car can shake the small car segment because of its price, mileage, efficiency and performance. It’s a 5 door hatch, which is also known as K2 inside Nissan’s production area. Nissan will try to bring local people, local dealers for selling cars as India is seen as very complex market. With the success of Duster, the Renault-Nissan alliance surely understands now what Indian buyers want. According Mr. Ghosn, in India automakers have to be patient and understand the psyche of customers. Nissan plans for a long term success with Datsun Go.

Nissan will soon be introducing CMF-A (compact module family A) platform and the good news is India will be the mother country for this platform. There is lots of scope for small cars in India and Nissan in the coming years is planning to capture almost 15% Indian auto market. The Renault- Nissan alliance will invest 5 billion USD in five years for expansion.
The USP of this car will be its price and looks. The success of Datsun Go will define the future of Nissan in India. The first impression just looks fairytalish with one man occupying the whole stage to re-launch a brand that faded 30 years back. Carlos Ghosn made this small car look like a Lamborghini for sure.

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Author: Pallav Gogoi

16 July, 2013

Will You Buy Ashok Leyland’s Stile?

Ashok Leyland is known for making commercial vehicles in India. Stile will be its first passenger vehicle, which is a 8 seater MPV based on the Nissan Evalia. You can say, it's the cheaper version of Nissan Evalia. This vehicle will be available in both petrol and diesel variants. Even CNG kits will be available. Few cosmetic changes like new wheels, headlamps, grille are made to Nissan Evalia for creating Stile. This MPV will have 1.5 litre diesel engine powered by Nissan that will deliver maximum power of 85 PS. It has 5 speed manual gearbox.  But the real question is – Will you buy Ashok Leyland Stile?

The month of June and July was very hectic with so many new cars launched and there’s that ever looming automotive slowdown. Will cars from brands like Ashok Leyland appeal the general mass? Will you go for a car from a company which earlier made trucks and buses with no experience with car owners who are basically much polished people than truck or bus drivers/ owners? How will they manage the post sales problem, is everything in place for Ashok Leyland is the question. If you look at the MPV, the car has no style as such. Basically Leyland’s Stile lacks the Style quotient.

Indian automotive market is huge compared to Europe however cars that have no brand name to flaunt hardly appeals people, it won’t be able to capture the whims and fancies of a prospective buyer. Ashok Leyland Stile is jumping into the auto market to face bestsellers like Toyota Innova and Chevrolet Tavera. It will be difficult for Ashok Leyland to sell this MPV for sure. Stile will come with a price tag of Rs.7 lakh. Ashok Leyland collaborated with Nissan to produce this MPV.  Ashok Leyland’s Stile was first showcased in Auto Expo 2012. Some of the latest features available in this car FM radio, Bluetooth, USB port, tubeless tire, fuel gauge, digital clock etc. The chances of this car to do well in Indian market are too low.

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12 July, 2013

Interesting Cars at 2013 Goodwood Festival of Speed

FoS or Goodwood Festival of Speed is a auto carnival usually held in the month of June and late july in Goodwood house, West Sussex, England. It's one of the most popular car festivals that attract more than 1 lakh visitors daily during the festival. Lord March founded this festival in the year 1993 to re-introduce motor racing to the Goodwood estate. The best thing about this festival is - most visitors get chance to drive their dream cars on the 1.16 mile hiil climb and around Goodwood's estate's special course. The festival usually showcases other attractions like latest technology in the automotive market, aviation exhibitions, motorcycle paddock and F1. Almost all major automotive brands like Audi, Lexus, Mercedes, Rolls Royce, Ford, Skoda, Alfa Romeo, Nissan etc. participates in this popular festival

Interesting Cars at 2013 Goodwood Festival of Speed

     Nissan Nismo

 Nissan Zeod


 Bentley Continental GT3


     Ferrari FF

           Alfa Romeo 4C


 BMW Gran Lusso Coupe Pininfarina
      Ferrari 458 Italia

And many more car will be exhibited in the 2013 Goodwood Festival of Speed.

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01 July, 2013

Honda Amaze Vs Ford Ecosport - The Biggest Automotive Face off

Well! The jaw dropping price tag of Ford EcoSport has created ripples in the automotive world while Honda Amaze diesel, Honda’s first diesel car has already received huge bookings. Will Ford Ecosport kill cars in all the segments? Will Ecosport replace all Dusters, i20s, and Hondas is the next big question. Ford Ecosport is a fun car, it’s sporty and will appeal youth and the best thing is - it comes with such low price tag while Honda Amaze is more family car, dull, boring personality. Honda Amaze has excellent fuel economy while Ecosport is extremely gorgeous. Ecosport  has good ground clearance compared to Honda Amaze, Ecosport is better looking, it’s available in 10 variants and is capable of delivering a good mileage of 16.15 kmpl. Honda Amaze is priced at minimum Rs. 4.99 lakh.

Honda Amaze received rave reviews because of its name Honda however Ford Ecosport killed all its excitement with its surprisingly low pricing. Honda Amaze looks traditional while Ford Ecosport looks sporty and utterly delicious. Boot space of both these vehicle is almost equal however if you want your car to make a statement, Ecosport scores high in every department. When Honda Amaze was launched, Swift Dzire was in danger and now with the launch of Ecosport many cars like Duster, i20, Dzire and Amaze are in sheer pressure.

Indian youth like bling, nobody wants to drive a similar looking car. You want to look different on the road. If you are a family guy looking for an affordable car, Honda Amaze may serve your purpose but if you want to make your presence felt, Ford Ecosport is the answer. It’s the next big thing in the automotive world and its truly Amazing (Pun Intented).

Which is your choice – Amaze or Ecosport?

Author: Pallav Gogoi