21 September, 2013

Top 5 Benefits of Buying a Used Car

Certified Used Car

If you are planning to buy a car at an affordable price, then you should preferably go through this article to know the benefits of buying a used car instead of a new car. Purchasing a second hand car is an intelligent decision however one should always choose a reputed dealer for getting the best deals and warranties.

Why Buying A Used Car Is An Intelligent Decision?

1. Price: New cars come with a big price tag. In case of used cars, you save a lot of your hard earned money. Used cars are less expensive however one shouldn't buy second hand cars from a local dealer or unknown person. It’s always advisable to get your used car from a reputed dealer that provides certification. A certified used car is just like a new car, which provides all the benefits like insurance, warranties etc.

2. Bigger Car: You may just get a used Honda City at the price of a Santro or Alto. The best thing is – nobody can spot the difference between a refurbished used car and a new car. You will look much better if you get down from a Honda City than an Alto for sure. Intelligent people do a lot of research online. It’s advisable to know the model year, kilometers travelled, number of ownerships, city of registration and past history of the car before purchasing. A reputed used car dealer does all the requisite checkups before selling. Buying a certified used car keeps you away from all the unnecessary hassles.

3. First Time Buyers: It’s always advisable to go for used car if you are planning to buy your first car so that you can drive as you want.

4. Good Bargain: It’s easier to negotiate while buying a used car because it doesn’t have manufacturer’s pressure. If you are lucky, you may just end up buying a great used car at unbelievably low price.

5. Cost of Ownership: The cost of ownership witnesses less depreciation in a used car. Usually, if you buy a new car and wants to sell it for some reason, the price of the vehicle gets reduced drastically however if you hope to sell your used car someday, you won’t witness price fall. The cost of ownership decreases if you buy a pre-owned car.

Carnation Auto is one of the leading multi-brand automotive sales and service networks that provide certified pre-owned cars. Certified used cars are just like the new cars that gives all the benefits to the customer like after sales support, warranty, insurance and EMIs etc. If you are planning to buy a good looking, refurbished used car, Visit: www.carnation.in

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