26 December, 2013

Carnation Auto Enters Dehradun

Front View - Carnation Dehradun 

Carnation Auto is one of the largest certified multi-brand automotive sales and service networks in India. Known for the quality used cars and world class car servicing, Carnation Auto believes in putting customer first. It has a very customer centric approach. The recent entry of Carnation in Dehradun region will surely create enough quality leads for the company. This will be Carnation’s 34th used car showroom in India, and the first showroom in Uttarakhand. 

Mr. Jagdish Khattar and Mr. MM Malhotra Inaugurating New Showroom 

Carnation collaborated with Anand Automotives Dehradun to expand its presence in Dehradun and nearby places. The launch event was a huge success. Almost all the leading newspapers, online publications covered the launch. 

Carnation Used Cars, Dehradun

Carnation Dehradun has good quality used cars. Both mass segment and premium cars will be sold here with warranty, car breakdown and other value added services. In the conversation between media and Mr.Jagdish Khattar, various topics like future of electric cars, organized used car market in India and the current scenario of the automotive sector were discussed. 

Press Conference 
The used car business in India is growing at the rate of 18-20% and the organized used car sector is witnessing an increase of 40% annually. Carnation Auto is rightly poised to leverage the prospect since it has already established its headship in the Certified Used Car Market. Carnation Auto is uncompromisingly working in increasing its network to over 200 outlets in the next 2 years.

New Carnation Pre-Owned Car Showroom Address:

C-1, C-11, Govt. Industrial Estate, Dehradun
Contact Person: Mr. Nimit Berry
Phone Number: 9837038603, 0135-2727322
Visit Virtual Showroom: Carnation Dehradun

23 December, 2013

Expert Tips To Protect Your Car From The Harsh North-Indian Winter

The winter is here and most car owners especially the newbies forget to do a regular check up, which consequently decreases the lifespan of your car. Maintaining your car during winter is extremely important for reducing the unwanted car servicing cost. Your car requires more attention in winter, which is why we have compiled some effective techniques for keeping your car at the best condition this winter.

Top 5 Winter Car Maintenance Tips

    1. Tire Pressure: During winter the tires of your vehicle gets compressed naturally. It's advisable to keep the tires properly inflated for preventing discomfort during your ride. Keeping your tires properly inflated during winter also helps increasing their lifespan.

    2. Battery: Winter is surely not the right time for your battery. Usually due to very low temperature outside, your car's battery may go in dead state. According to research, car's battery loses 33 percent power when the weather hits the freezing point. It's advisable to keep your car's battery fully charged for avoiding unwanted hassles. Your vehicle's battery is fully protected if it’s charged 100% percent during winter. Also regularly inspect your car's battery connectors. Appearance of yellow or white powdery substance is a sign of corrosion. Cleaning with a stiff-bristle brush is advisable.

    3. Oil: It's advisable to use car manufacturer's oil for protecting your car's engine from the harsh north Indian winter. Efficient and clean engine oil will help keeping your car away from the unnecessary headache.

   4. Engine's Belts and Hoses: It's advisable to check the engine's belt and hoses. It becomes difficult for the car's engine to withstand extreme cold if the belts and hoses of your vehicle's engine is damaged.

   5.   Car Waxing: You can protect your car's paint from snow, rain and fog by applying wax. Car waxing protects the skin of your vehicle during winter season.

Protect Your Car From The Harsh Winter; Get The Best Winter Offers For Your Car Here:  Exclusive Winter Car Servicing Offers At Carnation

09 December, 2013

Used Volkswagen Beetle 2.0 Available At Very Affordable Price!

Used Volkswagen Beetle 2.0 AT 2010
One of the most stylish small cars from the house of German automaker Volkswagen is now available in Carnation. Beetle 2.0 has L4 cylinders and delivers a maximum power of 114 BHP @ 5400 RPM. It has multipoint injection and reaches 0-100 KPH in only 10.9 seconds. Beetle cars were formulated by Adolf Hitler during 1938 as economy vehicles. Beetle underwent major changes for meeting the requirements of modern day generation. It's one of the finest looking small cars in the world. Mini Cooper is one of the major rival of Beetle in India. Designed for diehard fans, Beetle reflects class, luxury and history. Volkswagen Beetle 2.0 AT 2010 is now available in Carnation at Rs.13, 50,000.

Used Volkswagen Beetle 2.0 AT 2010 Details:

The yellow colour makes Beetle stand out in the crowd. The almost new Beetle exude charm, class and historic simplicity. 
Mesmerize the onlookers with its urban appeal. The Volkswagen logo is conspicuous enough to charm its die-hard fans. 
 The Chic interiors has all the advanced amenities to lure the tech savvy. Comfort, design and luxury is the hallmark of Volkswagen. 

Volkswagen Beetle 2.0 AT 2010

Price: Rs. 13, 50,000
Kms: 17,600
City: New Delhi

To Know More About This Car and Contact Seller, Please Click Here: http://bit.ly/1bvolE8

06 December, 2013

The Perfect Book Launch - Driven: Memoirs of a Civil Servant Turned Entrepreneur

Left to Right: BK Chaturvedi, Jagdish Khattar, Shereen Bhan, TN Ninan, Hormazd Sorabjee

Driven - Memoirs of a Civil Servant Turned Entrepreneur, authored by Jagdish Khattar is a business book that reflects the journey of a robust IAS officer who became an entrepreneur after his successful career in Maruti Suzuki, India’s largest automaker. This book is written with flair and raw experience.

The Book Launch

India International Centre, 40 Max Mueller Marg, New Delhi is surely an apt location chosen for a book that talks about a life of a bureaucrat. BK Chaturvedi former Cabinet Secretary, Shereen Bhan from CNBC TV18, TN Ninan from Business Standard , Vinod Rai Former Controller and Auditor General and Hormazd Sorabjee from Autocar India along with Mr. Jagdish Khattar enthralled the intelligent audience with humor, wit and knowledge. The topic of discussion was “Lessons from Maruti” and who else do we want when we have the man who changed the small car automotive industry in India, Mr. Jagdish Khattar.

Mr. Khattar talked about his relationship with the Japanese and how he made Maruti a very customer focused company during his tenure. We also heard guest liking the Title of the Book very much. 

From budding entrepreneurs to successful bureaucrats, this book will surely create an impact on the society.

Images from the launch

Driven: Memoirs of a Civil Servant Turned Entrepreneur is available in Flipkart, Click Here To Buy: Order Now


04 December, 2013

Top 5 Premium Used Cars in Gurgaon Now Available at Unbelievable Price!

Carnation Auto is having huge stock of premium used cars in Gurgaon. All cars are properly certified by Carnation engineers before purchasing. These high quality used cars are just like new cars with warranty, car breakdown service, insurance and other options. Carnation believes in delivering value for money to its discerning customers.

Here's the list of Top 5 High End Used Car Models in Gurgaon

Renault Duster RxL 110 PS (D)
Model: 2012
Price: Rs.11,40,000
Kms: 13,000
City: Gurgaon
To Get Full Info about this vehicle, Click Here: Used Renault Duster In Gurgaon

Mitsubishi Outlander 2.4 MIVEC
Model: 2010
Price: 12,50,000
Kms: 45,000
To Get Full Info about this vehicle, Click Here: Pre-owned Mitsubishi Outlander in Gurgaon

Toyota Camry W2 Automatic
Model: 2011
Kms: 22,500
To Get Full Info about this vehicle, Click Here: Used Toyota Camry (Automatic) in Gurgaon

Honda CR-V 2.4 AT
Price: Rs.8,25,000
Kms: 80,000
To Get Full Info about this vehicle, Click Here: Pre-owned Honda CR-V 2.4 In Gurgaon

Honda Accord 2.4 AT
Model: 2008
Price: Rs.7,65,000
Kms: 60,000
To Get Full Info about this vehicle, Click Here: Second Hand Honda Accord in Gurgaon for Sale

To See All Certified Used Cars in Gurgaon, Click Here: Carnation Certified Used Cars in Gurgaon

02 December, 2013

Top 5 Car Servicing Offers, Which Will Reduce Your Vehicle Expenses Drastically

Car Servicing is one of the most important as well as expensive activities in a car owner's life. Most people spend huge money in repairing, waxing, dry cleaning, car wash etc. There are many authorized as well as independent players in the market, which promises to pamper your car however it's always advisable to visit a reputed car servicing centre for getting the best treatment at affordable price.  Carnation Auto is one of the largest independent automotive sales and service networks in India. The company is a brainchild of Mr.Jagdish Khattar, former CMD of Maruti Suzuki. Carnation provides world class services at a reasonable price. Carnation's services are appreciated by many. In order to reduce a car owner's expenses, Carnation introduced few amazing offers which are valid till a limited time. 

Here's the List of Car Service Offers

1. Car Clean Offer: Carnation is offering 57% discount now. Services like comprehensive 25 point car checkup and complete car wash are included in this offer. The price of this package is only Rs.149. Click here to Know More

2. Rust Protection Treatment: Services like Wax Polish, Under body, Anti-rust prevention coating and car wash is included in this offer. You get 55% discount in this offer. It will cost you Rs.999 only. Click here to Know More

3. Complete Car Makeover: Carnation will pamper your car like never before at Rs.799 only. Services included in this package are Dry Cleaning, Exterior Wash, Interior Enrichment and Polish. Click here to Know More

4. Service Maintenance Contract: This offer gives you a huge discount of 50% on your car servicing. At Rs.2499, you can have your car serviced twice at the price of one. Click here to Know More

5. Paint Job: This is an exclusive offer. Book online and get huge discounts. Give your car a brand new look with Carnation's special paint job offer package at just Rs.2200/* per panel. Click here to Know More

See More Ongoing Offers Here: Carnation Car Service Offers