21 January, 2014

Top 5 Carnation Certified Used Cars in Chennai That You Can't Ignore!

Carnation Auto used cars are reliable, good looking and affordable. All our customers are happy with the fact that Carnation does all the hard work before selling second hand cars to discerning customers. 

Bridging the gap between reliability and affordability is the main aim of Carnation, which is why all the cars we procure goes through a rigorous 160 point check up.

 Buying a well maintained sedan at the same price of a hatchback is the new trend and Carnation is playing a huge role to organize the pre-owned car market in India and delivering value for money. 

We have compiled a list of quality cars in Chennai for your convenience. Buying a luxury car at affordable price is a reality now with Carnation Certified used cars.  

Top 5 Used Cars For Sale!

Toyota Etios G
Year: 2011
Price: Rs. 4,60,000
Kms: 35,432
Color: Beige

Honda City V M/T
Year: 2010
Price: Rs.6, 00,000
Kms: 37,417
Color: Grey

Toyota Fortuner 4X4 MT
Year: 2010
Price: Rs.17,50,000
color: White
fuel: Diesel

Mercedes-Benz S-class S 350 L
Year: 2006
Price: Rs.25,00,000
Kms: 42,000
Color: Black
Fuel: Petrol

Mercedes-Benz C-class C 220 CDI Classic
Year: 2011
Price: Rs.23,50,000
Kms: 29,252
Color: Grey
Fuel: Diesel

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