20 June, 2014

Car Safety Tips: 10 Emergency Tools You Should Keep In Your Car

Are you a new car owner who is clueless about tools that you should keep while driving in city roads and highways? Are you worried about car breakdown and other roadside crisis? If yes, we have a comprehensive list for you, which will keep you safe during your drive.

10 Tools That You Should Keep Inside Your Car

1.    Multi-head Screwdriver: It’s one of the most significant tools, which will save you from crisis. Keep a decent multi-head screwdriver that can be used to tighten and loosen things when required.
2.    Hammer:  Hammer is a multi-utility tool, which can be used for various purposes.
3.    First Aid Kit: Safety first! You should always keep first aid kit in your car.
4.     Water Bottles: There are multiple uses of water. You can drink water when thirsty, clean your windscreen and pour into your coolant system if it’s overheated.
5.   Extra Cash: Never drive with empty pocket. Always keep your credit cards and spare cash with you while driving.
6.  Small Fire Extinguisher: Usually, people neglect this tool but in case of emergency, this very tool can save your car from a disaster.
7.  Hand Sanitizer: Keep yourself away from germs. Use hand sanitizers after eating anything or fixing things while driving.
8.   Adjustable Wrench:  We have seen this in our dad’s car. This is a very handy tool for fixing nuts and bolts related problem.
9.   Multi-purpose Car Charger: Your cell phone is your only company while driving alone. You should keep a multi-purpose car charger for staying in touch with family and friends while travelling.
10. Carnation Car Breakdown Package: Carnation Auto, India’s largest automotive sales and service network also offers emergency car breakdown service across India. It’s advisable to buy Carnation’s Breakdown Package (CARE), which is not very expensive for preventing unnecessary hassles during your drive. With CARE, you stay secured and tension free. Interested in Carnation’s Car Breakdown service? Click Here

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