30 May, 2015

Which one to buy - New Car or Used Car

Many a times we find it confusing to decide whether to buy a new or a used car. In a used car you can save a lot of money, whereas in a new car you get the latest product with warranty & assurances of a car manufacturer.

This article published by Our Franchise Partner Direct Cars, Gurgaon discuss various aspects of this New vs User Car dilemma. 



14 May, 2015

Used Car Buying Tips

Best Used Cars to Buy in Rs.3.0 Lakhs Budget

With limited options in new cars under Rs.3 lakhs budget, used cars become the buyer’s choice. The choice available in used cars is multi-fold. Here are the Top Selling Hatchbacks & Sedans in the India used car market that are up for grabs.

Our Franchise Partner Direct Cars Gurgaon has published a valuable article on how to get best deal for used cars in low budget.